What is Muving?

Muving is one-way electric vehicle share service for the city of Atlanta (we’re expanded to more cities soon!).

Our clean and green fleet of Muving electric mopeds let you explore the city freely. Find one around town, ride your Muving as long as you want, and when done simply park it near a bike rack in the MuvingZone (the shaded map area).

If there are no bike racks nearby, follow the posted parking laws. So, get the app, register for an account, and get Muving. It’s that easy.

What type of vehicle is Muving?

Muving’s are electric mopeds that you sit on, have top speeds of 30 mph and can travel 45 miles on a single charge. Also, each scooter comes with helmets for 2, so bring a friend!

Who can ride Muving?

To ride Muving you must be 18 years of age or older, have a valid driver’s license, and have a credit or debit card on file with us.

What documentation do I need to register?

To register and ride Muving you need a valid driver’s license and a credit or debit card. Sorry, we do not accept pre-paid cards.

How do I register?

Registering for Muving is easy! Simply download the MuvingUSA app available for iOS and Android or go to the registration page on our website muvingusa.com.

  1. Fill out a short registration form, provide us pictures of your driver’s license, and enter a credit or debit card.
  2. That’s it! Once your details are confirmed by our team members a verification email will be sent to your email address to confirm your verification is complete.
  3. Get on and get Muving!

How long does the registration process take?

Within service hours (7am-10pm, Monday to Sunday) registration usually takes about an hour after your registration is submitted.

Help! My registration hasn’t been verified yet.

In some cases, it may take up to 48 hours to complete a Muving registration. If you haven’t received a verification email and it has been over 48 hours, please contact us directly at: +1 470-408-4156

How do I login?

Once you have registered, use your email and password you created during the registration process to login.

You need to be logged in on the app to use Muving and you can also login on our website to manage your account.

Note: Be sure your email is the one you registered with.

Can others ride under my account?

No. Each reservation holder is the only person authorized to ride the moped they reserve. You can take them as a passenger though.

Do I need to wear a helmet while riding a Muving?

You are legally required to wear a helmet while riding a Muving scooter. It’s the law!

We include two different size helmets with each scooter stored in the mopeds trunk along with disposable caps. If you have your own, you can wear that as well.

How long can I hold a Muving Moped for before my trip starts?

We give each new reservation a free 10-minute courtesy window once you have located a moped in the MuvingZone and you selected it for a reservation.

There is no charge for the courtesy reservation time. This gives you time to get to your moped and prepare for your ride. After 10 minutes your reservation will expire, and the moped can be reserved by another user.

Note: If you reserve a moped 3 times concurrently without riding (canceling each trip) you will be charged a penalty $40.

What is the MuvingZone?

This is the area where you’re allowed to pickup and drop-off Muving electric mopeds and is clearly marked as the shaded map area within the Muving app. You can ride outside of this zone but be sure to come back when you are ready to complete your ride.

We’ll periodically update the MuvingZone and hope to cover the entire city soon.

Parking Guidelines


Always park at a Bicycle Rack around Atlanta. If no Racks are present, simply follow the Parking Laws posted:

  • Do not park in any specifically-designated NO-PARKING area.
  • Do not park in any public or private automobile or motorcycle parking spots.
  • Do not park in any area which requieres payment to park
  • Do not park in any other AREA PROHIBITED by municipal code, campus regulations, etc.
  • Do not park in any PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY

How do I start my first ride on a Muving?

Muving works exclusively through the Muving app.


  1. Find Your Ride: Launch the Muving app and find a Muving electric moped near you
  2. Reserve: Select the Muving electric moped you want to use and click reserve. We provide 10 free minutes of reservation time for each reservation, allowing you time to arrive at your Muving and prepare for your ride.
  3. Arrive and Start: Once you arrive to your Muving electric moped click start trip.
  4. Safety Check: Check your Muving electric moped over to make sure it is in safe operating condition. Be sure you have your driver’s license on you at all times when riding. It’s the law.
  5. Get Muving: Open the trunk, put on one of the provided helmets securely and enjoy your ride. Remember: Only ride on designed roadways and obey the laws of the municipality.
  6. Parking: Park your Muving electric moped on its kickstand by a bike rack. Make sure your Muving isn’t blocking the sidewalk. If no racks are present, simply follow the parking laws posted.
  7. End Your Trip: Remember, return your helmet to the trunk and plug it in. Make sure you are in the MuvingZone. Press End Trip and you’re done!

How do I start a Muving electric moped?

  1. Take the Muving Moped off of its kickstand
  2. Make sure that the red button located on the right handlebar is switched to the “ON” position
  3. Press the brake lever to start the moped and you will see a speedometer appear on the screen – look for the word “GO”
  4. Make sure your helmet is on, your mirrors are adjusted, and the moped is in safe operating condition
  5. Turn the right handlebar (the throttle) and to ride

How do I know if my moped is on?

Muving electric moped don’t make any noise. That’s normal! Simply look at the display. If you see the word ‘GO’ you’re ready to ride.

Where can I ride my Muving electric moped?

Muving’s can only be ridden where cars are allowed – designated city roadways and in parking lots. Muving electric mopeds are not allowed on highways, interstates or in city parks or the Beltline.

You can take your moped outside of the MuvingZone, just return it when you’re done. You will not be able to end a trip outside of this zone.

Can I go outside of the MuvingZone? What can I do there?

Yes, you can. We know you might have errands outside of the MuvingZone marked on the app, so ride outside of it see friends, go to parks, etc. You can PAUSE a trip and keep your moped reserved for you while outside of the zone. You cannot finalize your ride outside of the MuvingZone. So, when you’re done with your ride, bring the moped back inside the shaded area and park safely for the next user.

Ending my ride

When ending your ride make sure you are inside the MuvingZone, your Muving electric scooter is placed on its kickstand, and your helmet is plugged in and stored away with the trunk securely closed.

Remember: Always park Muving mopeds near bicycle racks and take care to not block sidewalks and pedestrian pathways.

Help! I can’t end my ride

You can only end your ride inside of the MuvingZone. Make sure you park your moped at least 100 ft. from the shaded perimeter marked on the Muving map. If you’re too close (or outside it) the app will not let you Finalize your ride.

Note: Ending your service outside of an indicated parking spaces or outside of the Muving map area may result in a penalty for the user.

What happens if my mobile phone runs out of battery during a ride?

It is very important to have your phone charged when you ride – this is how you start and end Muving reservations. If you run out of battery while using Muving, locate a telephone and call Muving Customer Service to stop your ride: +1 470-408-4156

How do I turn off my Muving moped?

When you reach your destination park your moped:

  1. Turn the red button to the ‘OFF’ position
  2. Now you can place the moped onto its kickstand and check that the screen shows ‘STOP’
  3. Place the helmet in the storage compartment (remember to take your things!) and plug the helmet in
  4. Within the Muving app press “Pause” if you need to make a stop but continue riding after or if you are done with your ride press “Finalize”
  5. Check that the screen is switched off, the helmet is plugged in, and the storage compartment is locked

Getting your electric moped on the kickstand

  1. Park your electric moped safely
  2. Switch the red button on the moped to the OFF position
  3. Get off of your moped on the left side and hold the moped upright
  4. While facing the moped grasp the left handle bar and the back rack with your hands
  5. Push down on the kickstand with your foot and pull the moped backwards up onto it

This takes a very little amount of force, but once you get the hang of it it’ll be second nature.

So, what’s up with parking?

Muving lets you explore the city without the headache of parking! Go where you want across the city and park at one of the thousands of bicycles racks around Atlanta. If no racks are present, simply follow the parking laws posted:

  • Do not park in any specifically-designated no-parking area
  • Do not park in any public or private automobile or motorcycle parking spots
  • Do not park in any area which requires payment to park
  • Do not park in any other area prohibited by municipal code, campus regulations, etc.
  • Do not park in any public right-of-way

Moving tickets, Illegal parking, towing, and other violations

If the Muving user is found at fault for a violation it will be their responsibility to pay all fees and fines.

What are the traffic and parking regulations in my city?

Each Muving user must comply with all traffic, road safety regulations and municipal by-laws applicable to the city in which the vehicle is being used.

Can I take a friend on my Muving electric moped?

Yes, you can!  All of our mopeds can be ridden with a second passenger. In the trunk you’ll find two helmets. So, have a friend jump on with you and see the city.

I was in an accident. What do I do?

Make sure you are safe and pull your Muving electric moped off of the roadway and contact the appropriate authorities. Also contact Muving Customer Service as soon as possible on the number: +1-470-408-4156

How does insurance work?

Like a bike renting or sharing program, Muving does not insure riders who are renting the mopeds. The rider is responsible for all damage caused.

What are the Muving service hours of operation?

Muving is available from Monday to Sunday, from 7am to 10pm.

To report any incidents during a ride, call Muving Customer Service +1 470-408-4156 and our team will assist you (business hours from Monday to Sunday, from 7am to 10pm).

I have a suggestion. How do I tell you?

We love to hear from Muvers! Write an email (sharing.usa@muving.com) or leave a note on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Muving Rental Agreement

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