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Effective Date:  June 13th, 2018

This is MUVING’s policy regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personally-identifiable information that we may obtain from you.  It explains what kinds of information we collect, how we collect this information, how we use this information, whether we share this information, and what kind of control you have over our use, sharing, and retention of this information.  By using our Website and Application, or otherwise providing personally-identifiable information to us, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy.


When you establish your account or rent a moped, MUVING needs to collect certain information about you in order to provide our services to you, including personally-identifiable information (“PII”).  PII consists of information which enables you to be uniquely identified.  MUVING collects the following personal data from you when you register for an account with us:

  • your full name
  • your e-mail address
  • your home address
  • your billing address
  • your telephone number
  • your driver’s license information
  • your debit or credit card information, e.g. card number, expiration date, security/CVV code

In addition we may also collect other non-personally identifiable information from you, including:

  • Usage details for your rental of a vehicle, including mileage, where you picked up and dropped off the vehicle, battery consumption, etc.
  • Your approximate or precise location as determined through data such as your mobile device’s GPS. Most mobile devices allow you to control or disable location services though the device’s settings menu.

We typically collect information that you provide through our Website or Application, which use cookies to automatically collect information about your computing device, your use of the Website or the Application, and about your use of our Website and Application.  This information includes data about your operating system, IP address, geolocation data, language, the Website pages or sections or the Application you consulted, key words, date, time, the amount of time you spend using the Webpage and the Application and parts of the Webpage and the Application you use.  You may inhibit such collection by disabling cookies, as discussed below in “What Control Do You Have Over Our Collection of Data? / Cookie Policy”


Any PII collected by MUVING may be used for the following purposes:

  • To manage requests to use our services
  • To create a profile of you so we can provide you with the necessary tools and information to more effectively use our services, and to tailor our product and service offerings to you
  • To process charges for using the Service by means of the payment gateway of the Website itself and of the Application.
  • To analyse, improve, and optimize your use of the Service.
  • To address your complaints, incidents, or inquiries using the Customer inquiry form, email, and customer service telephone number.
  • Our internal market research and marketing analysis
  • To provide you with individually-tailored information about our products and services and our affiliated companies. Specifically, we provide Customers who have specifically opted-in with publicity about special offers and promotions launched by MUVING, its affiliates, and certain third parties.  This information may particularly deal with products, activities, services, competitions, special offers and/or promotions about sectors of collaborative consumption, transport, mechanics, electronic trading, insurance, leisure, travel and leisure, as well as any other services provided in the localities in which our service is offered.

All electronic PII that we gather is stored on servers located in Europe, and customer verification is done by one of our affiliates located in Spain.

MUVING might combine your PII with non-identifying information obtained either from you directly, or from the Website or Application.  If we combine PII with non-identifying information, we will protect the combined information using commercially-reasonable means as we would protect information consisting entirely of PII.

If MUVING plans to use your PII for a purpose other than those included in this section, it will give you notice of this beforehand, including what specific type of information will be used and how we will use it, and you will have the right to opt-out of having your data used for such purpose.


MUVING strives to ensure the security and confidentiality of the data and information it holds, including PII.  For this reason, we have taken technical and organizational security measures that are commercially reasonable in order to prevent loss, wrongful use, or unauthorized access to such data and information.  For example, we may use firewalls and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure security of information and data in transit and in storage.  At MUVING we are committed to moving fast and responsibly if the security of your data is at risk and to inform you about this if this is important with the greatest diligence.  Please note that we will never ask you for your password or credit card information via email or over the phone.  All of these functions are handled through the Website and the Application.  You should report to us immediately at if anyone attempts to have you disclose your password or credit card information over the phone or via email.


We may disclose your PII to our affiliates and certain non-affiliated organizations, including:

  • Our parent company located in Spain, which performs customer verification
  • To your credit card issuer;
  • To credit reporting and fraud monitoring agencies;
  • To debt collection agencies, if necessary to collect money you owe us;
  • To government agencies, including law enforcement agencies, where disclosure is required by law, to protect our rights and well-being, and that of our Customers and the general public. We reserve the right to disclose your PII to law enforcement if we suspect you are involved in any illegal activity.

We will typically disclose this information electronically via computer network, or via fax or phone, although we may also pass information physically (i.e. hardcopy).


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computing device (computer or mobile phone) for the purpose of storing data that we can update and retrieve. The information collected through cookies may include the date and time of visits to the Website or Application, the pages visited, the time spent on our Website or Application and the actions performed, as well as the sites visited just before and after the visit.

When you access our Website or Application and before starting navigation, you are notified about the use of cookies so that you can give your consent by indicating that you ‘accept’, closing the information window and continuing navigation, or performing actions within the Website or Application that imply tacit consent.  If you continue browsing, this implies acceptance of this Cookie Policy. If you do not consent to the use of cookies, you must leave the Website or Application and cease browsing, or follow the browser’s instructions to unblock cookies, as shown in the following section.

Unless you have adjusted your browser settings, our system will create cookies as soon as you visit our Website or Application and accept this Cookie Policy.  Keep in mind that all Internet browsers allow these settings to be changed.

You can disable cookies at any time, although this could limit access to some sections of the browser and your browsing could be blocked at any time.  You can block or disable cookies using your browser, which allows you to refuse the installation of all or some of the cookies, and to delete cookies that have already been installed.  Most browsers are able to warn of the presence of cookies or reject them automatically.  If you reject them, you may continue to use our Website (and Application), although the use of some of its services may be limited, meaning that your experience on our Website (and Application) may be less satisfactory.

You may, at any time, revoke the consent granted in relation to the use of cookies, in which case you need to delete the cookies stored on your device (computer or mobile phone) through your Internet browser settings.

You may opt-out of any marketing and promotional messages you receive by sending an email to by including in the subject line of the email “UNSUBSCRIBE MARKETING”.  Please allow ten (10) days for this opt-out to take effect.

You may request that all of their PII be deleted by unsubscribing from our Service.  In the event you unsubscribe, your PII will be deleted without undue delay subject to applicable legal or regulatory requirements.  MUVING reserves the right to retain your PII in accordance with its data retention policy in order to establish, exercise, or defend against any legal claims.


You may access your PII by logging into your account via the Website or the Application.  You guarantee the quality of the information provided to us.  That is, you guarantee that the data and information you provide is real, truthful, up-to-date and also belongs to you and not to third parties. Therefore, you may not supply data that is false or out-of-date.   You must always identify yourself with your personal electronic mail address and with truthful and current data.

This Privacy Policy, only refers to our Website and Application, and does not apply to links or websites of third parties which can be accessed from the Website or the Application.  We have no control over the destination of these links and are in no way responsible for the contents of any of the website destinations from a link, nor for any link included in a website which is reached from the Website or from the Application, nor for any change or update made to these sites. These links are only provided to inform you about other sources of information, and the inclusion of a link does not mean that MUVING approves of the website linked to.

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of the State of Georgia, notwithstanding its conflicts of laws provisions.  Any disputes arising under this Privacy Policy shall be adjudicated in the state and federal courts located in Fulton County Georgia, and the Northern District of Georgia, respectively, and you hereby agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of these courts by using our Website and Application.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, or how we collect, process, use, store, or transfer your data, please contact Muving:

Phone(470) 558-9660